As much as possible, content is driven by and designed for each audience and channel, with the intent to inform and engage.

Our marketing and communications team creates synergies across many channels, aimed at multiple audiences. This involves a range of messaging, disseminated via mobile-optimized emails, promotional videos, the W. P. Carey website, billboards, blog posts, radio commercials, magazines, digital display ads, and more.


  • Reflect and represent our quality, our values, and our culture
  • Emphasize information for prospective students first and foremost
  • Make key messages relateable and easy to find
  • Provide the audience with a step they can take now and next
  • Deliver relevant content that also advances our strategic goals

Primary themes

Our students and alumni are subject matter experts on our academic programs and learning environment, as well as our quality, values, and culture. They’re familiar with the competitive edge you can gain with a W. P. Carey degree, the importance of curricula with real-world context, and the value of learning in such a tight-knit community.

There’s no better testimonial than one that’s true. We strive to be informative rather than encyclopedic, and let our fans tell us why the W. P. Carey School is different and valuable rather than the other way around. Doing so is one of the best ways to highlight our greatest attributes, while meeting the needs of diverse audiences.

Our primary themes represent the benefits most commonly expressed by our students and alumni, as of 2016. We’ll continue to update them based on new and exciting things we hear around campus. Wherever possible, content should reinforce our brand by addressing one or more of the following themes:

  • Paying for school — Cost of tuition versus other schools, financial aid, scholarships
  • Convenience and flexibility — Work-life balance; multiple campuses; evening, weekend, and online classes; many degree options and ways to customize
  • Quality education — Top rankings, world-renowned faculty, motivated peers, opportunities to excel outside the classroom
  • Return on investment — Career resources combined with competitive tuition, high employment rates of W. P. Carey graduates
  • Finding your fit — Small class sizes, ways to get involved, constant interaction with classmates and faculty
  • Career preparation — Career resources, connecting with recruiters and executives, real-world learning
  • Personal attention — Dedicated staff and student services, student ambassadors, business school council, faculty availability (even for online students)
  • Online learning — Experience in the market and pedigree, consistently top-ranked, high-touch programs, same online degrees as on-campus formats
  • Location — 300 days of sunshine, entrepreneurial spirit of the West, newer city with new ideas, close to everything; multiple campus locations and access to great companies and recruiters