W. P. Carey School advertising campaigns are built on one or more market-relevant messages, targeting an external audience of prospective students who may know very little about W. P. Carey.

Advertising campaigns run for a specific period of time, across mediums such as billboards, digital banner ads, radio spots, print ads, and various others, some examples of which are delineated below.

The current W. P. Carey School advertising campaign — Business education. Redefined. — leverages the school’s and the university’s growing reputation for innovation, and allows us to showcase school achievements and opportunities at a broad level, as well as customize a message that highlights a specific degree or even delivery option.

Simply known as Redefined, this concept has been developed into a campaign that encompasses a range of W. P. Carey programs, outcomes, and features:

  • MBA
  • Master’s degrees
  • Undergraduate degrees
  • Career outcomes
  • Real-world research
  • Reach of alumni network
  • Flexibility
  • Innovative thinking
  • Rankings


Referring to the school overall, brand advertising is typically seen in outdoor and digital outdoor advertising in our local market. Redefined messages reflect the school’s competitive advantage in Arizona, applicable to any audience.


Relating to a suite of offerings (e.g., master’s degrees), portfolio advertising speaks to specific differentiators — “earn your degree in as little as 9 months” — that cross multiple programs and allow us flexibility in demographic and geographic targeting.

Redefined portfolio buys are most commonly online banner ads, but may at times incorporate additional forms of media, such as the billboards shown here.



Describing one degree, program advertising allows us to promote a specific attribute (e.g., a noteworthy ranking or a standalone platform or delivery method), program advertising hones in on a very direct message or selling point, perfect for general online display ads and site-specific purchases.




Borrowing the look of Redefined but not the messaging, event advertising promotes signature prospective student events like MBA Preview Day. Event ads are commonly deployed in digital outdoor spaces, often complementing broader brand advertising in the market.