W. P. Carey School advertising campaigns are built on one or more market-relevant messages, targeting an external audience of prospective students who may know very little about W. P. Carey.

These advertising campaigns run for a specific period of time, across mediums such as billboards, digital banner ads, radio spots, print ads, and various others — some examples of which are delineated below.


Ad campaigns sometimes use graphic elements outside of our usual brand guidelines. Used alongside our colors and logo, they can effectively communicate our brand look and feel through certain channels.

The “Really” campaign is an example of this; these ads highlight certain W. P. Carey program attributes that potential students have been pleasantly surprised by. This information is illustrated using a maroon word bubble, containing a reaction to that attribute or headline.

Animated digital ads should feature two bubbles, the first with the question — really? — followed by the reaction — really! — in the second.
In contrast, print ads and static digital ads need only include one bubble, containing the exclamatory — really! — reaction text.


The “Thanks” campaign also uses elements outside normal W. P. Carey brand guidelines, incorporating a typewriter font to illustrate active communication between a potential graduate student and their career, CEO, or dream job.

These messages illustrate the power of higher ed in career advancement. The U.S. News & World Report badge is a prominent part of campaign messaging, as an indicator of quality and legitimacy.

Our standard fonts and colors lend consistency and brand recognition to support this campaign. Numerous variations of this message have run as billboards, digital banner ads, radio spots, and print ads, as well as airport bins in Southern California.

Forward Focus MBA

The Forward Focus MBA campaign incorporates elements outside normal W. P. Carey brand guidelines, including an all caps font to indicate a more direct, concrete message, and stock imagery that evokes the diverse student population the Forward Focus scholarship and curriculum are designed to attract.

Animated digital ads should include the image and the headline “We’re investing in the startup that is you” in the first frame, with call to action text — “See how our full MBA scholarship will change your life” — in the second frame.

Because of the size limits of animated ads, two frames is the maximum for this creative. Ads lead to the MBA landing page on our programs microsite.

Static digital ads should include the image, headline, and call to action, as ad specs permit. For smaller ads, forgoing the image is allowable. The text must always appear in any digital ad.